Wednesday, November 23

Tis the season of Thanksmas

1. fortune cookie coin purse // 2.'172 Things To Do' in order to increase your level of accomplishment (this little booklet has long intrigued me!) // 3.squirrel paper clips(can paperclips get any better than this?) // 4. my dream camera right now // 5. Thunder shoulder bag // 6. Nancy Drew magnets (a sweet example of upcycling) // 7. Morse Code necklaces (spell out short messages & words) // 8. library perfume (claims to be bottled up scent of a well aged book!)

A few things I find quite lovely.
Thanksmas* here we come!

*definition: when you only see an entire side of the family one time a year at thanksgiving, and you all decide to celebrate Christmas then too, and you all call it Thanksmas.

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