Wednesday, August 31

Tuesday, August 30

names like....

elope dress  ....  lemon drop  ....  monday morning
navy enchantment  ....  sparkle and fade
everthine  ....  delightful  ....  summer skin
robins egg  ....  tea for two  ....  fancy that

I love dresses which to look means my senses getting
lost in pleats and
cascading folds,
rivulets of lines. 
Sarah Seven's collection is that.

Monday, August 29

married life so far...

making biscuits...with nothing to cut them.
I found a solution.
keeping up with note sending.
+ loving rubber stamps from Cavallini & Co.
filling our fridge with collected magnets
spelling notes
my hubby making an evening snack for me...
no toaster? no problem!

Wednesday, August 24

this is how I feel.

Just a week into "real married life" after the honeymoon.
And this is how I feel.


I have an on-going love affair with Beirut.
Zach Condon's musical sweep is so fascinating, complex. It's like listening to life, like listening to places. 
I blame being so busy with getting married for why I was unawares of this album release.
Listen to it the album here.
(I am right this second! Thoughts so far: same flavor, but more refined)

This is the very, very first song I ever heard by Beirut:
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