Thursday, September 29

"McGyver cooking"

             ....that's how I have begun to operate in the kitchen. McGyvering like every fourth ingredient or utensil that I use. I never truly appreciated my parents' fully stocked pantry and gadget repertoire til now. It's led me to:

- Use duct tape in a blender (attempting to plug off the spigot hole) to turn it into food processor
so that I could blend granulated sugar + a pinch of flour to turn it into powdered sugar.

- Or use boiling water, a strainer and a glass lid to defrost hamburger (didn't end well)

- goggle "substitute for . . ." countless times a day. (it's actually turned into a sort of game: "can I make this recipe with 10 ingredients when I only have 6!")

- And also against me is that fact that I am used to a 6 person family (buy something yummy it'll be gone in a week, or possibly that day). But here, stuff goes bad for lack of mouths. Case in point: a loaf of delicious tomato basil bread sitting in our fridge. But with a little McGyver cooking this half-way stale bread turns into . . .

Homemade croutons for soup or salad (or even just snacks!) and it's easy-peesy.
recipe +here+

And this morning...
nope, no pillsbury just-bust-it-out-of-the-freezer. NO YEAST either! But I still whipped up some 10 min cinnamon rolls for brekky.
recipe +here+

Seriously, I should write a book.
The McGyvering Cook Book: for Newlyweds.

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