Thursday, July 28

favourite colour?

My maid of honor asked me via text yesterday if I had a favourite colour ("I'm sorry, I think maybe I should know this, but...") I had to stop and think. Do I have a favourite colour?

The answer was:
Not really. But kinda.
I am eternally drawn to seafoam green. 
I think it all started with an unwanted jewelry box (belonging to my great grandmother) that I adored upon first sight. 

books, bracelets, jars, sheets. It's not pervasive in my life, just little happy hints.
Do you have a favourite colour?

Tuesday, July 26

try this on your piano.

found this amusing.
Happy Tuesday!

do this: what to do with a bunch of flowers.

My dear one presented me with a bunch of flowers....simply "because" .......
Now normally, for whatever reason, when i recieve a bunch of flowers I always clip them and arrange them with care in a big huge bundle. It has never occurred to me til know the immense pleasure in creating little separate floral "landscapes"....
A solo sunflower, two mason jars full of sunshine, and the "left-over" white blossoms i clipped short and stuck one or two in tiny glass bottles in a row on the kitchen windowsill.

And so his kindness is now spread all over the house. <3
18 days till we are wed.

Friday, July 22

Thursday, July 21


kisses, kisses for my love.
kisses for my boy.

Tuesday, July 19

my name.

will be...

do this: thankfulness

I've had vast opportunity (wedding showers, congratulatory cards, and my birthday) to be writing lots of thankyous. But instead of it being "another thing on my must do list", it's like I've ingested the concept and it's a pleasure!

I have an old leather camera case (my grandpa's) that fits all my letter-writing tidbits perfectly: envelopes, cards, these lovely postcards, postage and a few rubber stamps to dress things up! 

What I've realized:

1) It is is simple to drop someone a quick thank-you or note. It's a myth that we are too busy to do so. The other day I sent a postcard to a friend simply with a quote from a book I liked!
2) It has created in me an attitude of thankfulness......a good stance to be in anytime, but especially in these hectic weeks before The Wedding.

Monday, July 18

our stamp.

Sometimes I see something,
and I buy it on a whim.
After all, my gut instinct is almost always right, and added bonus is the (exhilarating) "dangerousness" of whim-buying.
So, while I have been, in general, very good about planning, Excel-ling, and budgeting everything for The Wedding, this little guy I just couldn't pass up: customized wedding rubber stamp! from one of my favourite sites: Antiquaria . And as a side-note: packaged up in the box was a sweet little folded envelope  -photographed it just for fun ;)


could I bottle myself up,
and send me out to sea? see?
then when someone read me,
I'd be saved.
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