Saturday, June 9

my [future] poetry quilt

In my internet ramblings I once found the idea of a "poetry quilt" ...taking the most special or dear quotes, lines, poems, lyrics, verses writing them in fabric marker on old sheets and sewing it together. All the things I love: simple, handmade & words.

I have a folder on my desktop where I'm gathering them,
here are some I plan to include.....

What are some of *your* favorite quotes?

Wednesday, February 22

soundtracks for everday adventures

This is possibly my most favorite concept for an album. I've been listening nearly everyday to it online. "For this album we tried to make songs that could soundtrack all of the little things in your life feel like they are special parts of a film.Maybe not too dramatic parts, or intense parts, but just everyday magic kind of stuff."

Some of the tracks:

growing up,
going to buy some strawberries,
finding a leaf in your girlfriend's hair,
the best paper airplane ever,
checking things off of a to-do list early in the morning,
a picture of your grandparents when they were young,
listening to raindrops knocking on a window

listen to/buy here.

Wednesday, February 8

the glass house

Seems almost fairytale-ish. 
Can you imagine living here?

Monday, February 6

long lost love

This gal found a collection of love letters in a Goodwill bin and turned it into a booklet: their correspondence (over the winter holiday season of 1940) is filled with thoughtful and romantic letters. Just two strangers who happened to meet... 
You can download the booklet in PDF form right here. Unfortunately there were no photos of the couple ~ the above photo was just a vintage snapshot she included. Long live their long lost love!

Sunday, February 5

double exposure oil & acrylic

I love double exposure...getting a developed roll back from playing around with my
Holga is one of my delights. So, when I stumbled across the top "photo" I instantly loved it. But -surprise!- it's a painting! Check out the rest of the artist's works

Friday, December 23

I've been thinking about branches lately...

 collecting lots of ideas for future use!

(all photos from pinterest)

Thursday, December 15

a good word. . .

 just a few of my favorite quotes right now.
been: embroidering, listening, taking oatmeal baths, singing old songs, enjoying Christmas lights, kissing my husband, and lots of thinking. 

Wednesday, December 7

winter is blue - a christmas mixtape

Found this wonderful Christmas mixtape created by Andew & Carissa. As they wrote, it's to enjoy while doing "festive things- like playing games at the fireside, wrapping gifts and drinking hot cocoa, or taking long drives through the wintery landscape." You can download it here
songs by the following artists:
Vashti Bunyan - Sufjan Stevens - Múm - Mew - Andy Zipf - Feist - Sleeping at Last
Beach House - Cliff Lewis - Belle & Sebastian - Carpenters - Radiohead

Tuesday, December 6

that wintery feeling.

this beautiful tumblr make me think and feel winter.
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