Friday, December 23

I've been thinking about branches lately...

 collecting lots of ideas for future use!

(all photos from pinterest)

Thursday, December 15

a good word. . .

 just a few of my favorite quotes right now.
been: embroidering, listening, taking oatmeal baths, singing old songs, enjoying Christmas lights, kissing my husband, and lots of thinking. 

Wednesday, December 7

winter is blue - a christmas mixtape

Found this wonderful Christmas mixtape created by Andew & Carissa. As they wrote, it's to enjoy while doing "festive things- like playing games at the fireside, wrapping gifts and drinking hot cocoa, or taking long drives through the wintery landscape." You can download it here
songs by the following artists:
Vashti Bunyan - Sufjan Stevens - Múm - Mew - Andy Zipf - Feist - Sleeping at Last
Beach House - Cliff Lewis - Belle & Sebastian - Carpenters - Radiohead

Tuesday, December 6

that wintery feeling.

this beautiful tumblr make me think and feel winter.

Wednesday, November 30

christmas inspirations

I am pleasantly mulling over the prospect of the Christmas season. Even when I was very young it was upmost importance and enjoyment to have special christmasy decorations brought out and put in select places around my room. And now, I have my very own place to bring Christmas into.

How I've started: (1)drinking "mulled cider" (aka hubby putting apple cider into the tea pot and festooning with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. (2) putting up 5$ white Christmas lights all along an overhang in the middle of our apartment. (3) gather inspiration from pinterest!

Tuesday, November 29

for my husband.

I love you much (most beautiful darling)
More than anyone on the earth and I
 Like you better than everything in the sky
— E. E. Cummings
Love doesn’t just sit there like a stone
  it has to be made, like bread
 remade all the time, made new.
— Ursula K. Le Guin
 I will dream of you even when I
can feel you lying next to me.
— Tyler Knott Gregson

Wednesday, November 23

Tis the season of Thanksmas

1. fortune cookie coin purse // 2.'172 Things To Do' in order to increase your level of accomplishment (this little booklet has long intrigued me!) // 3.squirrel paper clips(can paperclips get any better than this?) // 4. my dream camera right now // 5. Thunder shoulder bag // 6. Nancy Drew magnets (a sweet example of upcycling) // 7. Morse Code necklaces (spell out short messages & words) // 8. library perfume (claims to be bottled up scent of a well aged book!)

A few things I find quite lovely.
Thanksmas* here we come!

*definition: when you only see an entire side of the family one time a year at thanksgiving, and you all decide to celebrate Christmas then too, and you all call it Thanksmas.

Wednesday, November 16

home coming.

1.folding never ending laundry
2.framed a holga photo of us lying in the grass from the early dating days
3.listening to Regina Spektor and Radical Face
4.watched an episode of the office with my lunch of lemon water, mac & cheese and dark-chocolate brownies pink and baby blue sky 
6.going to have my special chicken/dumpling soup simmering and smelling up the apartment all lovely when my hubby comes in the door after two weeks of traveling
7.but first. a shower

Sunday, November 13


wandering the campus// setting leafs assail// noodles & company// lots of hugs// red red red leaves// leading a small group// a text from hubby finally back in the USA// Anglo-Saxon months

Monday, November 7


I fell in love 
with the world in you.
— Noah and the Whale

hubby is over in the kitchen right now using his magic blending skills to make us his smoothies. we're going to curl up on the couch + movie + my "polar bear" blanket + cuddle. Tomorrow we'll hug and kiss "farewell" until he comes back from business tripping (over a week). trying not to stress, trying to drink up these last minutes. but it's hard when the above quote is him to me...and our worlds are so freshly intertwined it's gonna be a stretch (absence makes the heart grow fonder?). 

above are carefree outtakes from rose & crown // the song of my life

Tuesday, November 1

mauve like dreams

Far away there in the sunshine are 
my highest aspirations. I may not 
reach them, but I can look up 
and see their beauty, believe in them, 
and try to follow where they lead. 
~Louisa May Alcott

photo-I-love Tuesday, 6th edition

Saturday, October 29

vintage printable labels

 I've been looking for ways to organize my kitchen (or just living space in general)..and I came across these beauties.....
 the possibilities seem endless!
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