Tuesday, July 19

do this: thankfulness

I've had vast opportunity (wedding showers, congratulatory cards, and my birthday) to be writing lots of thankyous. But instead of it being "another thing on my must do list", it's like I've ingested the concept and it's a pleasure!

I have an old leather camera case (my grandpa's) that fits all my letter-writing tidbits perfectly: envelopes, cards, these lovely postcards, postage and a few rubber stamps to dress things up! 

What I've realized:

1) It is simple............it is simple to drop someone a quick thank-you or note. It's a myth that we are too busy to do so. The other day I sent a postcard to a friend simply with a quote from a book I liked!
2) It has created in me an attitude of thankfulness......a good stance to be in anytime, but especially in these hectic weeks before The Wedding.

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